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Founded in 1980, Champion Logistics Group has become one of the largest 3PLs in the world. As a privately owned family business, Champion's success stems from long term relationships fueled by the highest level of customer service.
Champion Logistics Group is a full service logistics provider comprised of three separate divisions; full service domestic transportation, which includes a wholly-owned Champion fleet, International freight forwarding, and warehouse and fulfillment.
Within our transportation division, Champion also offers specific services to the trade show and retail/display industries. We have a dedicated team of professionals working exclusively on the coordination of shipments to special events and stores. Marketing Managers and Event Planners depend on Champion as their third party logistics provider; doing so allows them to focus on other key elements of a successful event or rollout.
Champion's infrastructure, experience, and advanced technology services, provide effective ways to better handle the global supply chain solutions for companies of all sizes.

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