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Are you a Destination Management Company (DMC) looking for the next innovative promotional item?
Are you an Audio Visual Company and need to protect and track your valuable equipment?
Looking for a unique item for your fundraiser, golf tournament?
Are you a meeting planner organizing an Incentive Trip?

ReboundTAG Micro-Chipped Luggage Tag is perfect.

Connect & Protect your Valuables….
ReboundTAG is the first microchip luggage tag that works in all airports worldwide. It integrates with the world airlines’ lost luggage tracing systems and when found SMS and Email updates are sent to you in real time. It has a QR code and NFC processor on board so together with the serial number it can be reported found outside the airport.

It has been featured on BBC World News, won first prize in the Buyers Forum Frontier Awards May 2017 and was one of 5 finalists from around the world selected to give a speech and exhibit for free at the Business Travel Show in London in February this year as one of the most innovative companies that could change the face of travel in 2017.

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Promotional Code: mpi30

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Boston Globe Feature

Duty of Care in particular for company employees who are required to travel on behalf of their company is becoming increasingly important as each company should have defined a Policy for their staff with clear commitments from the company to its employees and staff of how they will be best protected to allow them to travel safely.
ReboundTAG and Duty of Care fit very well together as the ReboundTAG lost valuables messaging system provides as much information as possible to travellers to inform them where their valuables are should they get mislaid or lost.
From an air travel perspective passengers report on a consistent basis that arriving at their destination while their checked in baggage has not, is the second most stressful problem that they predict or fear, only surpassed by the fear that the aircraft itself might crash.
For those on the move on the ground, the fear of losing a mobile phone, a bag or a wallet or having these stolen is given as the most likely reason to stop them being able to carry out the objective of their business trip as they will be completely distracted by the loss of baggage or valuables. The solution that they look for is to receive information that their lost item has been found and in addition to receive information or decide how to get the lost item back to them as soon as possible.
ReboundTAG has specialised for over 6 years in designing and developing products that are able to work worldwide in every airport and in every country so that those finding a travellers lost possession can easily communicate with the owner without the owner having to reveal any personal or sensitive information.
In addition to being able to help find he lost item and if it as piece of checked in baggage that the airline is required by law to “eventually” get it back to its owner, ReboundTAG have also teamed up with specialist courier company that provides a top class delivery service with special prices available to ReboundTAG owners should the speed of return be the top requirement.
In any situation, for example a company laptop has been left in a hotel in Gambia and needs to be returned ASAP or a checked in bag has been sent to New Zealand when it should instead have been sent to Chile if the given return services is too slow or even non-existent then we have the answer. We work in partnership with First Luggage who offer a worldwide A-Z service (excluding Russia)
In summary ReboundTAG believes that it provides the best of breed solutions to combat these problems without the requirement for battery powered devises that are now banned from being placed in checked in luggage by the airlines because of the risk that their batteries could catch fire and explode.
ReboundTAG products work world-wide and even do not require access to the cellular network to allow finders and those who lose their possessions to communicate together. Just an internet access from an internet café, any WIFI network or via the satellite network if you are traveling in the most remote parts of the world.

Company and products description
ReboundTAG Ltd, formed in 2010, is a company that connects people with their valuable possessions. It has developed a series of products that are simple to use for both owners to register and manage as well as to report lost so ReboundTAG can search for them. Finders of lost items, from lost luggage handles in airports all around the world as well as members of the public can report lost items easily and report where they are without having to load complicated software or download apps.
ReboundTAG classic RFID luggage tags is the only checked in bag tag to ever be showcased by a major airline to the IATA AGM, the international airline regulator. Lufthansa gave tags to all of the delegates from the IATA member airlines and showed how ReboundTAG can be used for tracking bags in sophisticated airport processes as well as getting individual’s bags back to them quickly and easily should they get mislaid.
Since then has won a series of awards in 2017 including The Duty-Free Buyers Forum Frontier Bronze Award in Cannes France October 2017, which are considered “The international Oscars” of travel products. Was selected as a finalist in the British Travel Show “Top 5 Disruptors” in February 2017 Olympia London beating off 35 other competitors and has also be selected for inclusion on the Amazon Launchpad worldwide.

2018 product range
ReboundTag produces products that “Connect People with their Valuable Possessions”, to do this it has produced the following products that come together with an award winning secure tracking service that means that owners can get information about when and where there lost possessions are when they are found including a GPS position from the finder that can be displayed on Google Maps.
ReboundTAG Classic RFID luggage tag:
A unique passive tag that is tough and hardwearing that requires no batteries or complex app to make it work. It is recognised by IATA and integrated in the international lost luggage system used by IATA member airlines worldwide. It contains a unique visible serial number, QR Code and NFC chip as well as RFID so it can be reported found even by members of the public who have no smart technology reading devices to hand

ReboundTAG can be branded with a company logo (minimum order 100). For more details and pricing contact Kris Crundwell.

Protector Tags:
These smaller versions of the Classic luggage tag come in a key ring or adhesive sticker format and are idea for use with everyday items. Adhesives can be attached to a mobile phone, tablet or PC, key rings to keys, backpacks, computer bags, handbags or even children’s soft toys. Containing a unique visible ID, QR code and NFC chip once found the owner get the full rich messaging information about their lost possession just like the Classic Luggage TAG.

Kris Crundwell
Senior Sales Partner – North America
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