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The training incentive is the type of event most in demand recently because it combines with the traditional incentive the opportunity for great personal growth.
Combining high quality training services with the event means that the participants feel that they are being rewarded for the excellent work done, and the Company gains an enormous added value at an accessible cost.
There are experiences which leave a very strong emotional trace in the memory. There are “trials” which become incredibly powerful metaphors for the unconscious mind. Yacht training is one of these. It is an alternative and stimulating experience; you dont get bored because there is a precise goal, while at the same time it stimulates the teamwork, motivation and leadership of the participants. In the forced co-existence which takes place during sailing, where everyone is beyond their own “comfort zone”, the sailing itself and the related organisation come together with an analysis of the varied experiences, provoking profound reflections on group dynamics, leadership and roles within the working team, on strategies of group management and on the capacity for being “team-mates”.
We live through the innumerable metaphors which are created on board in order to understand the functioning of a company in the shifting current markets. Effectively, the yacht proves to be possibly the most fitting metaphor of all for the actual operation of a company:

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