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Trondent Development Corp. is a leading global travel technology company. Founded in 1994, Trondent develops software and web-based solutions for travel management companies, on-line booking providers and major corporations worldwide. Trondent maintains a broad portfolio of products developed to be compatible with all major GDSs. Trondent's credentials are validated by the company we keep and the standards we have set.

For Corporate and Agency Meeting Planning Departments Let us provide you a demo of GroupASSIST and how this program can streamline the handling of your group activity.


Simplify Group Travel Details
• Capture all online and offline group reservation data
• No need to re-key group reservation details
• Identify new reservations and changes easily
• Easily capture arrival, departure, hotel and cost details
• Manage room blocks

Consolidate Data
• Consolidate data across multiple GDS’
• Streamline ground transportation activity in a centralized location
• Alert group trip director of all reservation cancellations and changes

• Secure web-based access to reports from any location
• Generate reports based on “status change”, date range and/or ticketing detail
• No need to juggle multiple systems to verify up-to- date group details

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